RentSmart Community Educator Training

Bring RentSmart to Your Community. Become a RentSmart Educator

RentSmart Educator is a training workshop that builds the capacity within community partners to deliver the RentSmart model and courses themselves in-house.  All RentSmart model courses must be delivered by trained and certified educators.

RentSmart Community Educator Registration

For inquiries about RentSmart Educator training or how to bring training to your community, please e-mail Jessica Seburn at

Administration of all Provincial Registration is done by our partners at Rent Smart Education and Support Society. For full list of  RentSmart Registrations please review

If you need any assistance or questions with Registration, please contact us at or 289-362-4784.

RentSmart provides education and support to tenants, landlords, and community champions with one goal: Successful Tenancies. Successful tenancies are key to building strong communities, increasing housing stability and preventing homelessness.

What is involved

RentSmart Educator is a four day professional development course that covers:

  • Best practices in housing stability and homelessness prevention
  • Adult education and facilitation best practices
  • Prevention of homelessness and increasing housing stability
  • Curriculum for RentSmart Program Suite: RentSmart Certificate, RentSmart Basics, and RentSmart Landlord
  • Engaging landlords
  • Measuring impact
  • Conditions for successful delivery of RentSmart model

The training is highly interactive and quickly gets participants teaching the RentSmart model courses. By the end of the workshop, trainees will be ready to organize and deliver the RentSmart model as a Community Educator. For a detailed overview of the training workshop and Community Partnership, Click here.

Community Partners and Community Educators receive the following benefits:

  • License to deliver a program proven to help youth, individuals and families achieve housing stability
  • Regularly updated curriculum focused on building the knowledge, skills and confidence to help people find and keep their housing
  • Connection to a growing network of community partners
  • Bi-monthly Community Educator newsletters and webinars
  • Staff support to organize and host your first RentSmart course
  • Regularly updated data that can be shared with funders and community
  • Part of a growing movement for the prevention of homelessness

For more information and pricing call us at RentSmart Ontario at 289-362-4784 Email: