About RentSmart Ontario

RentSmart Ontario is a consortium of five not-for-profit agencies providing housing services in Niagara responsible for launching RentSmart Ontario, a Tenant Life Skills and Landlord Education Program across the province.  RentSmart Ontario is part of a national initiative led by Ready to Rent BC which includes similar programs in Alberta and Manitoba promoting “Successful Tenancies”.


Community well-being through housing stability.


Housing stability via education, life skills, and support with one goal: “Successful Tenancies”.

History – Our Story

A consortium of five agencies providing housing services in Niagara came together to deliver the RentSmart curriculum to all Ontarians, an interactive education and support program designed to increase housing stability through successful tenancies for both tenant and landlord across the province.  In Fall, 2016 the Region of Niagara supported a pilot program which was the first of its kind in Ontario and provided the potential to lead the provincial rollout of the program model and initiate the development of a RentSmart Ontario training and support network.     RentSmart Ontario is part of a national initiative led by Ready to Rent BC and includes similar programs in BC, Alberta and Manitoba.  RentSmart Ontario will be providing education and support to tenants and landlords with the goal of successful tenancies.

Ready to Rent BC (R2R) was founded by a group of citizens and service-related agencies in the Victoria region that came together to find solutions for unstably housed and homeless families. The first course was piloted in 2009, and Ready to Rent BC (R2R) was incorporated in 2011. Since then, R2R has been steadily expanding to meet the need for pro-active solutions that increase housing stability and prevent homelessness.

R2R provides education that builds the skills, knowledge and confidence of participants while respecting them as adult learners through engaged and participatory curriculum. As our educational programs are growing  across the country, we recognize that every tenant and landlord could benefit from RentSmart education.